Raym and Chicchan offer personal sessions and courses in the Byron Hinterland.

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Crystal Dreaming® Practitioner training course (2 days)
Learn how to guide others safely into an expanded state of consciousness, accessing the Superconscious, past, present and future, with Raym. 
The focus of Crystal Dreaming® is to empower clients to diagnose and treat themselves of any imbalance on any level. Clients will implement positive life changes from knowledge they have personally received from other dimensional realities. You will learn how to assist in releasing any blockages or limitations, cellular memories, past or present life trauma, negative energies or entities or any aspect of your clients being that requires more love and understanding. You will assist your client’s empowerment with love and respect for every aspect of their being.
Crystal Awareness is a prerequisite for this course.

Crystal Awareness™ Foundation course (1 day)
Understanding crystals and how they affect our energy. Working with crystals for personal growth, healing and balance. Learn how to expand your consciousness and enhance your environment and relationships, with Chicchan. This one day course is a prerequisite for all Crystal Dreaming® students.

Reiki 1 and 2 and Reiki Mastery
Chicchan has offered Reiki healing for over 25 years, and now teaches one-on-one, on demand, in our custom built Healing Temple in the Byron hinterland.

Learn Reiki ‘Hands on Healing’ for personal wellbeing and spiritual growth.  Learn how to share this wonderful healing energy with local Reiki Master and teacher Chicchan.

Understand the Chakra energy system and how to maintain a healthy energy body.  Learn absentee or distant healing, sending healing energy to loved ones elsewhere.  You may also offer Reiki to your animal companions.

Anyone may be attuned to Reiki as no special skills or previous experience is necessary.  We are all born with an innate ability to heal self and others.  Reiki Attunement and the Reiki system of healing unlocks this natural gift.

Reiki Mastery is the final attunement where the complete system of symbols & methods of attunement are shared with the apprentice. Having been initiated at this level the new Master may now attune and teach others.

“I highly recommend working with Chicchan. She not only holds such wisdom and knowledge to share in her teaching but she also holds a sacred beautiful safe space for you to learn”.
Kayla Pickering

“As soon as I entered the temple, I could feel the gentle healing energy waiting patiently; protecting me as I let go of all the stress and tension I didn’t even know I was carrying.

Throughout the duration of the Reiki Course I was healed, lovingly taken care of and taught how to do the same for myself and others.

This is a great course - even if you just want to make your own life more balanced and peaceful or to share that with others”.
Alexzandrya  Crawford-Ferguson

Vibrational Sound Healing Workshop
Chicchan has offered Vibrational healing with her crystal singing bowls for over 25 years, creating a sacred space for profound and magical experiences and now teaches one-on-one on demand, in our custom built Healing Temple in the Byron hinterland.

Spend two days reconnecting with your Divine self, feeling balanced, peaceful and empowered. Understand how the vibration of sound can transform our lives, bringing more joy and nourishment to the soul.  Switch off the conscious mind and access oneness and bliss.

Using pure crystal singing bowls and harmonic tone chimes, learn how to clear any imbalances or blockages held in our mind, body or spirit, which may create dis-ease and stress. Learn how to clear spaces for meditation and sacred group work. 

Enjoy the experience of hearing and playing 13 pure quartz crystal singing bowls which you will programme to accelerate healing and creation of abundance on all levels.

"Chicchan's Crystal sound bowl workshop was an amazing, spiritually informative 2 days. I learnt about the history and science behind these beautiful soul touching tools of spiritual development. To understand how they affect every level of a person be it,  physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, was truly inspirational. 

“It was incredible having the opportunity to play Chicchan's crystal bowls and actually be able to tune in and feel the bowls healing voice. Chicchan was a great instructor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course.”
Tarryn Hill, Rising Moon Healing

"I recently attended a fun and uplifting 2 day sound vibration healing workshop with Chicchan.  Chicchan has created a beautiful healing space to learn in depth the ancient wisdom of sound and its healing properties through the use of the crystal singing bowls.

Her openness and relaxed sensitivity, her deep understanding of all facets of spirituality makes her incredibly inspiring to be around. So much was shared and practiced within the 2 days that I left feeling deeply passionate and confident about how I can incorporate sound into healing myself and others. It was amazing!”
Tracee Thomson 

All of Chicchan's workshops are offered at times to suit you, at our sacred healing temple in the Byron Bay hinterland.
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Raym and Chicchan offer personal sessions and courses in the Byron Hinterland.

Dates and locations of all upcoming courses are listed here

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