Raym offers personal sessions and courses in the Byron Hinterland.


Raym is a Shaman, author, columnist and spiritual teacher. His spiritual journey started late in 1994 when handling a rare crystal transported him into an expanded state of consciousness and unexpected dialogue with the spirit beings closest to him. His life was transformed in that moment. 

He teaches his Crystal Dreaming® technique to practitioners and licensed teachers worldwide, offers personal sessions and courses in the Byron Bay Hinterland and guides tours of Sacred Sites and Crop Circles in the UK.

Crystal Dreaming® – a journey that can transform your life….
Lying in a unique mandala of crystals your practitioner will facilitate a gentle shift in your consciousness into an expanded state where your Crystal Dreaming® inner journey occurs. In this enhanced state of awareness, after clearing all energies not totally aligned with unconditional love, it is possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur.

Crystal Dreaming® will locate and dissolve challenges manifesting here and now that have their roots in another time and place, often in past lives and frequently relating to unresolved emotional trauma.

Crystal Dreaming® will bring clarity of purpose to your life and frequently leads to a blissful reconnection with the Divine. Your unique shamanic journey presents you with a golden opportunity to consciously activate and align with your life plan in a state of perfect harmony with the rest of creation.

The results of Crystal Dreaming® sessions are profound, permanent and immediate. More information here 

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In Loving Memory Chicchan 1954-2022


Chicchan’s spiritual journey led her deep into the understanding that the source of male/female balance, radiant health and spiritual wellbeing, lies in acceptance and unconditional love of the self as an aspect of the Divine. 

Sharing her essence, she co-created sacred spaces and ceremonies for healing, spiritual growth and Divine Union, offering personal sessions and courses in the Byron Bay hinterland. Chicchan’s passion was in sharing the transformative power of crystals, sound and healing energy, embodying peace in every moment

She developed her Crystal Awareness™ course which is now taught by trained and licenced practitionewrs as a prerequisite for Crystal Dreaming® training.